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Imported and Domestic Cheese Photo Gallery

cheese board and grapes

We feature many organic and local cheeses as well as the best European cheeses available.

blue cheese

Please speak to us regarding your cheese selections. We are happy to design an ample cheeseboard selection for you.

meat and cheese platter

Assorted meat and cheese platter

cheese crackers grapes
cheese board on green

Vegetable crudite, assorted cheeses, and fresh fruit

cheese plate

We feature extensive selections of Vermont and New Hampshire's boutique cheeses, as well as European and West Coast cheeses.

Some of our favorite cheeses include:

Vermont's own Shepherd's Cheese -- a Gold Medal winner

Vermont Butter and Cheese herbed chevre

Constant Bliss Creamy Blue goat cheese

Taylor Farm Maple smoked gouda

Boggy Meadows Tomme aged sheep cheese

Please ask Elizabeth to put a selection together for your event.

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